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What We Offer Our Readers

Trimaxx International Publishers gives no less than 100% of its efforts to producing quality literature. We guarantee the ‘beach read’ or ‘daily commute’ literature to be one that will keep you continuously engaged, as well as satisfy your voracious reading habit.
We put our author’s works through a rigorous proofreading and editing process in order to produce an enjoyable reading experience for you, the reader. And we make sure that the original book cover designs are eye-candy to create a totally pleasurable reading experience outside as well as inside. Visit The Trimaxx Store Today!

What We Offer Our New Authors

Trimaxx International Publishers LLC, has a very industrious little lady sitting in the back room constantly coming up with ideas and doing the research and planning to carry them out. And after 3 ½ years of grueling research, testing, and development; she implemented the very first ‘publishing-on-demand’ solution for writers in 2008.

Trimaxx Global Publishing Solutions (Trimaxx GPS) Being the trendsetters that we are, but without the big name publishing firm marketing budget at that time, we knew that it was only a matter of time before the bigger firms took our idea and ran with it. They sure did…

They have sullied it and messed the entire process up completely trying to be ‘the next big thing’, and make ‘the fastest dollar’. Oh yes, they are taking your money hand over fist, but are you getting a publisher who will hold your hand and tell you the things you need to know? No. Do they teach you how to market, promote, and sell your books? No.
Their only concern is that you pay an exorbitant amount of money to produce a mediocre final product, and sometimes just a badly produced book--while they suck down your profits and give you very little in return—calling them ‘royalties’.

You know all of those extra services that other ‘publishing-on-demand’ - ‘print-on-demand’ and ‘self-publishing’ solutions offer you that you have to pay well up into the thousands for?
Trimaxx gives them to you FREE OF CHARGE! And a whole lot more.

What we offer and have always offered is Trimaxx GPS

We Were Here First.
 Benefiting Authors from the beginning.

Your Books.  Your Career.  Your Choice.  

About Trimaxx International Publishers LLC

was begun in 2005 by Antonio Kelley and Michael Davis in Detroit MI.  We presently have a full-sevice staff/team composed of Authors, Columnists, Marketing & Research,  Digital  Art & Graphic Design, Author Services specialists, Proofreaders & a Professional Editorial Staff.  All with the singular goal of bringing you the information, training, and entertainment that keep the delicate balance of all types of Readers, Authors and personal relationships intact.  Within these pages you will find that we are more than our creations, and that we genuinely care for the personal health and social welfare of our readers and fans.

Trimaxx is presently involved in the creation of many successful Multimedia outlets, including Print publications (Literary Magazines, Books, Brochures & Catalogs), and many electronic forms of media; Newsletters, Blogs, Video Blogs, Internet Radio Talk Show Podcasts, and currently gearing up to cross the threshold into other forms of alternative media in the very near future.

©2005-2011 Trimaxx International Publishers LLC., All Rights Reserved.

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