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Trimaxx International Publishers welcomes you into a new era of Erotic Literature, as their newest Feature Author completely hypnotizes the reader through stories created to draw couples into another world... Welcome to the place where Romance and Erotica meet. Eros Comes in Black Satin Volume I is the first in a series of 21 books of Erotic Literature by Lady Eros, written especially for couples. Lady Eros created this volume as an introduction to the Eros Comes in Black Satin series to seduce all six senses and take you into the colorful lives and vivid emotions of the characters. To be fair, this is not entirely a work of fiction, only the names of the characters are fictional. Whether you re fancy is whimsical and romantic, or hot and deeply passionate, this author s first book covers all ground in this volume of Erotic Short Story Fiction. All of the stories you will read pave the way to true-to-life casual and romantic sexual encounters that are extremely explicit and thoroughly descriptive. Eros Comes in Black Satin: Volume I is guaranteed to leave you breathless and most certainly wanting.

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An Erotic Fantasy Letter