Anyone who thinks today's erotica is all the same, man meets woman, man eventually has sex with woman and they both live happily ever after, has obviously never read author Javon64. Here he presents a tantalizing yet engaging erotic read in five distinctive sections: Lovers Lane, Closet Freaks, Betrayal and Consequences, A journey Outside the Box, and Unexpected Events. With a unique ability to grab and keep readers spellbound and intrigued from the very beginning of a story up until the oftentimes              jaw-dropping conclusion, Javon64 has managed to tastefully craft stories that explore the blissfully light, as well as the dark and secretive sides of everyday relationships and people of all walks of life. Known best for his fearless approach to fantasies and fetishes that are considered too taboo to be discussed   openly. Javon64 gives us stories about everyone from the sexually deprived housewife, who after snooping discovers her husbands's dark secret, to an unsuspecting couple that learns the hard way that beauty really is skin deep. Without a doubt, The Chapters of Ecstasy is guaranteed to change the face of erotica by reminding readers that the best stories still have unexpected twists. The Chapters of Ecstasy will show once and for all what's on the other side of that locked door you were told never to open.

5.0 out of 5 stars Don't Deny Yourself This Pleasure!

By Sue Strand

The writing for both of these books are excellent! They make you feel the story, you laugh, you get hot, the enjoyment is real and amazing! Do yourself a favor and read these books, they will make your imagination soar, and leave you wanting more, without question. All of the stories he writes are not only exciting, but they are real and doable.